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Welcome to

Bowie City Church

We believe the church is not somewhere you go, it is something you are. We know that God is moving through His local church, and we want you to be a part of that move here in Bowie.

There are several ways you can CONNECT at Bowie City Church.


Gathering: Sunday @ 10:15am – Online

Each Sunday we will gather online for about 75 minutes to worship together, learn from the Bible, pray and explore God and faith. Visitors are always welcome. 
Children from 5th grade and younger will meet in age appropriate worship settings in our City Kids ministry.

Connecting: Join a City Group

We gather on different evenings throughout the week in small groups to connect, pray, worship and study the bible  as we “do life together”. 

City Groups are a safe place where real relationships are forged, hard questions can be asked and we can explore God and faith together. Groups meet in all ages from our City Youth all the way to adult ages. For more info on City Youth, click here.


Serving: Join a team and serve

We believe that advancing God’s Kingdom doesn’t come through just Sunday mornings, nor does it come through any one individual. We believe that building the Kingdom of God is a team sport and that each person is equipped by God with Gifts and Talents that collectively will help us spread His Good News.


Giving: Give through the church

You don’t give TO a Church, you give THROUGH a church. We believe that giving is an essential part of the Christian life, but we also believe that those gifts should be passed on by the church to reach the needs of the community around them. As such, we set aside 30% of all gifts that are given to Bowie City Church and give them away to local and overseas projects.