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November 2018 – Understanding the Ten Commandments

This series is a five week take on the Ten Commandments. Going at two of them a week, we take a very in depth look at why they aren’t just ten rules but a guide for living a truly holy life. 

October 2018 – Emotion

Everyone has them, everyone uses them, everyone needs them. But for some reason, we tend to shy away from them or let them rule our lives. In this series, Jason and Dione talk about four emotions and how they impact us and the world around us and how God can use them to foster change in the world around us.

September 2018 – Jonah

Was it a whale? Was it a fish? It doesn’t matter. What matters is that Jonah was running from what God was calling him to do. There are many things in life that we run from but God will put us where we need to be to do what we need to do whether we want to or not. It’s up to us to answer the call. In this series, we look at the story of Jonah and relate it to our own lives and struggles.

August 2018 – Reboot

Summer is over, unfortunately. The time for relaxation and chill is almost at an end. As we head into the new school year, many of us find that we need something more. In this series, we check out the many ways we can reboot to make our lives and the lives around us better and pointing to Christ. 

July 2018 – Engage

It isn’t enough to WANT to reach the world. We have to act on it as well. In this series, we break down the different things that we engage with and how we are called to ENGAGE in our world and with God.

June 2018 – Love Does

Is love a feeling? Is it an emotion? In this series, we talk about love and its role in the world and how it is so many things but most importantly an action. One that we are called to take part in as a fellowship of believers.

April/May 2018 – Acts II

The role of the Holy Spirit is one that causes a lot of discussion and confusion. In this series, we talk about it’s role in our development and how the Spirit moves us and enhances our gifts and allows us to use them for the glory of God.

March 2018 – Empty

Whether is is an empty heart, an empty life, empty words, or even an empty hope – all of it can be fulfilled and restored by the empty tomb. 

February 2018 – Witness – The Value of Your Story

The power of your story does not come from the things that you have done, but the things that Christ has done in you. As followers of Jesus, we are called to be witnesses to the things that He has done. You have a story, and your story is powerful. Share it often.

January 2018 – ONE

The word we are adopting this year as a church is: “ONE”. Throughout the Bible, we are instructed to be ONE. To be ONE with Him, to be ONE as a family, to be ONE in marriage, to be ONE as a church and to be ONE in prayer. There are many things that work against us being united as ONE in all these areas. This year, we will focus on being ONE.

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